Shame on you!

Shame on you!

Shame on all black American generals
Look in the mirror, Sankofa!
You will not escape your fate
You want to look at Mother Africa?

Shame on you
Help them, help our executioners
Wear your beautiful medals
Do you think you will escape their wrath?
I bleed, like Mother Harriet Tubman bleeds

Shame on you
Destroy the Sahel and we’ll go back together in irons
Burn Ethiopia and burn the last ounce of our pride with
America will never love you, never respect you
You will never be more, if Africa is not more.

Shame on you
Shame, how I want to vomit when I see your faces!
Five star general, throw away your uniform and go to the street!
America will see the Negro, I mean the Negro!
The movable property that can be sold and bought
Without dignity
Without essence
Without freedom
Just the Negro, like every other Negro on the planet.

Shame on you my generals!
Go out without uniforms, without stripes, without stars,
Go out naked, as humans
Human like all the other humans of humanity
The West that you defend will reserve you the fate of Floyd
George Floyd!
Blacks live doesn’t matter, my general
Until Africa, Mama Africa is free!
Until Africa, Mama Africa stands on her feet!
Until Africa, Mama Africa get her dignity back!
Blacks live won’t matter…

Shame on you black American general
You pretend to ignore our enemy
He knows you, he will not do you any favors
Destroy your only shelter, Kemet
Where will you hide tomorrow?

Shame on you
Shame on you

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